25 – 2013

25 (2013): Ashes – remains of the legendary Vaasa music venue Club 25 – scattered over a pedestal.

Surium – 2013

Surium (2013): Installation in Vaasa Arthall: birchwood, motion-activated sound (a piece composed and performed by Girilal Baars, played through 4 separate speakers in sequences starting and stopping according to movements around the artwork).

Hang The DJ – 2014

Hang the DJ: The installation “Hang the DJ”, together with Marcus Lerviks at the “Vaasa by Light” event in Vaasa 2014. 50cm mirror ball, wire, LED spot.

Present-Tense – 2010

Present-tense (2010-2011): Four jelly brains linked together by motion-sensing LED optical fibre. At the beginning of the exhibition each jelly brain is slightly larger than a regular human brain. The jelly dries, shrinks and hardens during the exhibition.

Death Watch – 2011

Death Watch (2011): Created together with Christian Rupp, a 5-meter high spruce tree hanging upside down, surrounded by 12 sequentially triggered spotlights which create an artificial sundial by casting the tree’s shadow in a circle around the room. The tree slowly dries and fells its needles during the exhibition. Scattered in the room are groups of footprints, and microphones attached to the floor pick up and amplify the sound of visitor’s footsteps.

IIII – 2013

IIII (2013): Video installation: messages in braille projected through a veil of fluorescent acrylic discs.


Räcka (2010): Commission by Pro Artibus, installed in Folkhälsan’s service house Vindängen in Espoo, Finland. Four fir logs appearing to be suspended inside a skylight by hundreds of optical fibre strands. The skylight is approx. 2,5 meters wide by 2,5 high.