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How Will Vinton created claymation as we know it, arose as its king, was dethroned and survived it all. linked Jan 28, 2018

Climate Change, more specifically rising levels of CO2, threatens our well-being in several ways and will potentially make us stupid. Idiocracy, here we come. Should we start doing something about this? linked Jan 08, 2018

“We’ve been burying people all wrong”, by Mary Pilon for The Outline. linked Jan 02, 2018

Silk lets you create generative art online. linked Jan 01, 2018

Kawandeep Virdee’s thoughts on zines are to some extent a reflection of my own.  linked Dec 28,2017

Why Philadelphia has thousands of murals And I wish we had a fraction of that number around here too.  linked Nov 2, 2017